Reflection featuring Chloe & Maud Arnold

“Dream it, write it down, work for it and watch it happen.” —Maud Arnold

Sisters Chloe and Maud Arnold came from humble beginnings before breaking through the stratosphere of dance. The Emmy-Nominated duo danced their way into the hearts of America by elevating and celebrating the art of tap dancing through film, tv and live events.

Chloe and Maud are the creators of The Syncopated Ladies, a female tap dance band based in Los Angeles, CA. Their fierce footwork and feminine style have attracted audiences around the globe with their cutting edge viral videos, including a “Tap Formation” video that Beyoncé herself endorsed—proving black girls are more than just magical, but they are a force to be reckoned with!

In an intimate photo shoot with at Jungle by the Falls in Baltimore, MD, the talented duo reflected on their journey.

PURPLE PPL MEDIA:  What motivates or inspires you to dance/choreograph?

MAUD:  Inspiration is constant. We are inspired by music, young people, our friends, world events, and each other. Dancing is a constant, I can’t remember the last day that I haven’t danced. I wake up and put music on.

PURPLE PPL MEDIA:  What was the biggest hurdle you’ve encountered and how did you overcome it?

MAUD:  We have encountered so many struggles, but we have a saying “magnify the positive”. We try not to focus too much on the negatives that we encounter. One of the biggest hurdles is that a lot of people don’t really KNOW about tap dance, so we are trying to expose as many people as possible to this beautiful art form. Since a lot of people don’t really know the possibilities it is more difficult to get funding, so we have been completely self-funded.

PURPLE PPL MEDIA:  What moment in your career are you most proud of?

MAUD:  I am most proud of the fact that my sister and I get to be our own bosses. We are living our dream every single day. We get to dance and create, and create opportunities for the next generation! In terms of accolades our favorites are performing for the opening of Ivy Park for Beyonce in London, and winning the DC Mayor’s Award for Excellence in the performing arts!

PURPLE PPL MEDIA:  As a role model for many aspiring dancers, what advice would you give to a young dancer who wants to make their passion their career?

MAUD:  I would say to continue to TRAIN, work hard, and take as many classes as you can! Don’t worry about “working” while you’re young. Focus on school and make sure that you are balancing out your passion and responsibilities. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and support you! Anyone who is negative or trying to distract from your goals is not your friend. Create content for yourself with your iPhone and track your progress. Also, try to take classes outside of your home studio to diversify your skill set. Work hard and have fun!

PURPLE PPL MEDIA:  Words to live by?

MAUD:  “Don’t hate, create.”  Dream it, write it down, work for it and watch it happen. Don’t let anyone make you afraid to pursue your dreams.

Follow their journey at CHLOEANDMAUD.COM

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