Speak Your Truth! Vol 1 | Los Angeles, CA

At Purple PPL Media, we are always looking for unique ways to give back to the community and give everyday PPL an opportunity to share their story of perseverance, inspiration, and creativity.

Each creative has an impact story. And each powerful story represents the causes they care about, the organizations they serve, and the communities that have shaped their lives.

With “Speak Your Truth,” we wanted to highlight creatives that deserve to be recognized for their hard work and impact in their communities by providing them with beautiful images + video to help build their brands while giving them the opportunity to tell the world what is on their mind—unfiltered—in five minutes or less in an effort to bring attention to a social issue or inspire others.

The first stop in our “Speak Your Truth” campaign: Los Angeles, CA!

Los Angeles isn’t just sunny days, beach waves, and the entertainment capital of the world, it’s a melting pot of diverse creatives using their talents and voices to effect change.

In these extraordinary (and extraordinarily difficult) times, we spoke to nine LA-based creatives who are using their work to inspire others and convey the things that matter to them most, from wellness and youth education to artistic expression and self-acceptance.

In ONE take, we asked them to share their authentic TRUTH to inspire fellow creatives and rising leaders looking to uplift their community, and offer a positive reminder about the importance of staying true to themselves in a city of dreamers.


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