Richeen Palmer

Co-Founder, Content Creator

Richeen is a freelance writer + content creator who’s on a mission to make boring business blogs sparkle. She offers copywriting, blogging, editing, and social media management services, and works closely with large + small businesses providing digital marketing content. Richeen leads creative content and editing for, develops concepts for seasonal campaigns, and designs + manages contracts and marketing materials. Before co-founding Purple PPL Media, Richeen studied English + Mass Communications at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), and was Editor-In-Chief of highly-acclaimed online entertainment/lifestyle guide The District Insider, that garnered a massive following for keeping young professionals and families “in the know on where to go” in the Washington, DC area. Richeen is an information junkie with a penchant for quick wit, and has been a social media influencer for brands like General Motors, Chevrolet, Rocksbox, Westfield, Bethesda Blues & Jazz Club, and Arclight Cinemas.